Online Video Marketing: Trends, Tips and Examples of Best Practice

Video Marketing Trends

Video Marketing has become very popular in the last number of years, mobile technology is evolving rapidly and this has led to the rise of video and real time marketing strategies being used to enable companies engage with their customers. Video is now where many consumers turn to help them make purchase decisions which is why businesses are using video marketing as a medium to reach out to their target market. Companies are aware video marketing is a more effective strategy to adopt if they want to get their messages across to their consumers. Video has that “real” element that is far more effective in comparison to content and images. Nothing beats video when it comes to interacting and engaging with customers, and more importantly building that emotional connection. Video is the next best thing to actually being there in person, therefore its abilities in getting into the heart and mind of the consumer are much stronger than traditional advertising methods.

Snap Chat is a mobile messaging application used to share photos and videos and it has become a really popular marketing tool for companies to communicate with customers in real time. People rely more on these types of content with regards to making purchase decisions than photo shopped images on a website.

According to, Huffington Post back in April 2015 it was revealed that over 4 billion videos were being played over on Facebook each day! By September this figure had doubled to 8 billion. Therefore it is evident that video marketing is becoming more popular now than ever before.


We all know what makes us want to share or watch a video over and over again, and Kevin Alloca, who is Trends manager at YouTube, said when speaking at a Ted Talk what makes videos go viral. He highlighted that there is three things that make videos viral:


These are celebrities for example, Jimmy Kimmel, Ellen DeGeneres who might find a video worth sharing online or on their TV shows and as a result the video go viral because of them sharing it in the first place.

Communities of Participation

People see a video and it is so engaging that people want to make their own version of, each person shares it as they complete their take on it and it gets shared even more as a result as people create new versions of the same video. The video becomes viral as more people make their own version of it and try to replicate it.


As the name suggests, your video needs to be unexpected in order to be share worthy. According to the top tips to ensure you have a video worth sharing are,

Make it shareable
Make it likeable and funny
Make it Shorrt
Reel in your viewers with a story

I personally think if you also make it emotional it can be an effective way to get your video shared, any video I seem to have shared in the past are the type of videos that tug at the heart strings or have some kind of humour attached. There should be a little something for everyone, as different audiences might not consider the same material as shareable as others.

Here are a few videos I think are good examples of video marketing at its best:

1. Old Spice

2. Budweiser – Best Buds Campaign

Budweiser have done a series of super bowl adverts which have all gone viral the minute they are released. They tug at the heart strings using majestic Clydesdale horses and cute Labrador puppies creating an emotional connection with viewers. They have even got people who do not drink beer talking about their brand as a result of these videos.

Video marketing is something that we will be seeing a lot more of in the future as it takes over from traditional advertising methods at a fast pace.

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